Sofia Vergara shares stunning pictures of her romantic wedding to Joe Manganiello | Daily Mail Online




Well this lady could look a million dollars in a bin bag but when coupled with my favourite couture designer Zuhair Murad what better muse. Such a immaculately detailed dress which accentuates feminine qualities to the max it’s truly gorgeous as if the wedding needed to be any more fairy tale like!

Check out the latest Zuhair Murad Bridal collection here –

And of course here are my favourite photos from the Vegara/ Manganiello wedding… beautiful.

Zuhair Murad Couture

Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello tied the knot on Sunday during a star-studded ceremony in Florida.

Source: Sofia Vergara shares stunning pictures of her romantic wedding to Joe Manganiello | Daily Mail Online

RE- BLOG: Oscar de la Renta’s Expert Advice on Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress

A man who oozed elegance, and created gowns which were truly flattering of the female figure, such a sad loss of a beautiful designer, Martha Stewart pays tribute to Oscar de la Renta in the article below.

For half a century, Oscar de la Renta enchanted the fashionable set with his elegant, smart, always-gorgeous ready-to-wear line. No surprise then that his keen eye for the intersection between classic design and of-the-moment style would translate so beautifully to his bridal collection, which he started in spring 2006. Chic brides were smitten—Amal Alamuddin, Kate Bosworth, Amanda Peet, and Katherine Heigl all donned his pretty frocks for their nuptials—and so are we. Here, we look back on the day the charming Dominican-born designer gave us a tour of his atelier and told us about choosing the perfect dress, why a veil and train add allure, and the importance of asking your mother along when you go gown shopping.

“When you find ‘the dress,’ you’ll know,” the legendary designer has said of picking out a gown for the big day. “If you don’t feel an instant chemistry when you look in the mirror, don’t buy it!”

Click here to view the Martha Stewart Gallery of Brides who worn Oscar de la Renta –

Click the link below for the full article
Oscar de la Renta’s Expert Advice on Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress – Fashion & Beauty – Martha Stewart Weddings.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s First Photos as a Married Couple—See the Exclusive Pics of the Newlyweds!

Wowzers here is it the moment wedding bloggers and brides to be all over the world have been waiting for all weekend, nay all year since that epic proposal in October……. the first official glimpse of the Kimye wedding.

And she didn’t disappoint with a exquisite Givenchy dress and veil.

Obviously I don’t know Kimmie personally so I can’t comment in that light but fashionably Kanye has been a positive influence on the new Mrs West.

Third time certainly is a charm a far better improvement than that over the top dress with endless white trail and frankly bizzare head band she worn for wedding number two and who knows what to her first teen trip down the aisle.

No this time Kim has nailed it she looked elegant and sophisticated with simple hair and make up all the attention was on the beautiful lace detail of her dress and veil.

No to mention the breath taking scenery and classy theme I mean who wouldn’t want a wall of flowers as their photo background.

Well don’t Kim it’ll be hard to top this one.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s First Photos as a Married Couple—See the Exclusive Pics of the Newlyweds! | E! Online UK.

Plan Your Wedding by Color

Here’s a big tip to save you time and money; when choosing your wedding colour scheme firstly pick a colour theme that speaks to you and your partner but also be sure to consist what suits the venue you have chosen. Working with the organic aesthetics of the venue will help to create a cohesive look and save your efforts if there are already decorations in place which can work with your theme.

Also remember to be inclusive having a theme and colour palette reflective of you as a couple will help to encourage buy in from your partner and engage them in the planning process.

For my own wedding I was clear from the start regarding the colour scheme I wanted; for me it had to be green to reflect my oriental background and H2B’s Irish background and it just so happens green is my favourite colour so a winner all round. Our venue was a countryside location a marquee on a backdrop of rolling green fields so it was easier to create a complete theme using the natural backdrop of the countryside landscape, continuing the green theme into my wedding stationery and wedding attire as gentle accents.

IMG_1532 IMG_1669 IMG_1689 IMG_1717

Here’s more on planning your wedding by colour from the queen Martha Stewart including the latest fresh colour combinations for 2014 wedding season;

Plan Your Wedding by Color | Martha Stewart Weddings.

Wedding Cake Toppers

The vast world of cake toppers, there are now so many variations on the traditional bride and groom cake topper you’ll be sure to find something to suit your wedding theme and highlight your personality.

In my personal experience I didn’t want to go for the traditional bride and groom figures due to the significant height difference of nearly a foot between me and my partner, coupled with my mixed race complexion I was worried as to how we would find anything reflective of our images.

In my hunt for an alternative I enlisted the help of my sister in-law who found a spectrum of weird and wonderful cake toppers from woolly goldfish more upmarket diamanté embellished initials, and the main source of these cake toppers was of course Etsy. Now in the end I didn’t purchase anything from Etsy as most of my preferences were from overseas and I find the end prices with postage to be a little to rich for me, but it was the best place to do my research.

Items similar to Mint Green Lovebirds with Crowns – Custom Birds Wedding Cake Toppers on Etsy, a global handmade and vintage marketplace..

My choice was to go for our initials on white painted wooden letters, which I made myself. I found a company on-line who laser cut wooden letters you can also find plenty of wooden letters on eBay but I managed to find a good value for money option with @£1.70 per letter. I then painted these white with a wood paint from my local B&Q at around £5 for a tin. To jazz up the finish and tie the cake topper into my wedding theme I then used up the left over gold leaf from the stationery and dabbed a bit of glue on and then the allowed the gold leave to crinkle on as I place it on the painted wood.

Cake table_2 Cake table_3

DIY Wedding Flowers from Triangle Nursery

As I have previously mentioned in some of my flower related blogs I found a great wholesale flower supplier through a fellow bride to be who go by the name of Triangle nursery. They have a great easy to use website and offer fantastic customer service with fast email responses for the bride who is trying to organise her event whilst juggling work life.

Mary of Triangle Nursery just sent me through this fabulous piece on how to go about organising DIY wedding flowers and trust she is the person in the know given the easy and transparent offering from Triangle Nursery.

Organising Your DIY Wedding Flowers With Triangle Nursery

Organising your DIY Wedding Flowers can be a daunting task! To start with, you probably haven’t dealt with a flower wholesaler before & the first thing to remember here is that because cut flowers and foliage are purchased at flower auctions, prices change on a daily basis due to supply & demand. Other factors effecting prices include seasonal availability and large floral occasions such as Valentines Day, Mothers Day (and European Mothers Days) Christmas Time, All Saints in Catholic countries and Ladys’ Day in Eastern Europe.

Other considerations include selecting the cut flower varieties, deciding on stem lengths and grades, the sizes of the flower heads required (especially when it comes to roses), colour-matching, the quantity of each variety needed and of course staying within your budget because the most probable reason you are choosing to create your own DIY wedding flowers is to save money – and the good news is that you will save money – lots of money!

On top of the above, thought has to be given as when to start speaking to the cut flower wholesaler, when to place your order, when to take delivery in good time so you can condition your wholesale flowers correctly and how long it may take for some flower varieties to open to their optimum (very important when it comes to wholesale flowers like lilies and freesia that can take up to a week to open nicely).

Sounds very complicated doesn’t it – but don’t worry because, amongst other things, Triangle Nursery are wholesale wedding flower specialists and will help you every step of the way – no matter how big or small your order is! We have generations of expertise in the wholesale flower trade and employ specialist DIY Wedding Flower advisors specifically for the job.

It doesn’t matter if you have no idea where to start – just pick up the phone and give our DIY Wedding Flower advisors a call to start the ball rolling. All advice is free of charge and a very big part of our service. Our advisors can help with all aspects of your bridal flower project from which flower varieties, colour matching, when to order, how many to order, how to condition your wholesale flowers upon delivery and even explain how to put them all together for a truely professional finish!

Our web site offers literally 1000s of cut flower and foliage varieties to choose from, all showing live wholesale prices – and the choice is growing by the day, so click here and take a look around!

We also stock a huge range of florists wedding accessories that can also be included with your wholesale wedding flower order – from luxurious organza and silk ribbons, glass vases, chapel candles, LED waxed candles, chair sashes, bouquet holders, candelabras, favour boxes, florists tools, to confetti – we stock everything needed for your DIY Wedding Flower project. Click here to see our florists accessories.

Placing your final DIY Wedding Flower order is probably the easiest part of all – by now you will know exactly what you need and when you need your wholesale wedding flowers delivered.

Once your wedding flower order has been placed, (we can do this for you if you prefer or you can place the order on-line using our web site), we will purchase the flowers specifically for you at Aalsmeer Flower Auction in Holland or directly with the growers – nothing is taken out of general stock ensuring that only the freshest blooms possible arrive for your wedding. Our quality control department will check every single stem before packing in special wholesale cut flower boxes and delivering directly to your door.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with all your DIY Wedding Flower & Bridal Flower requirements – we look forward to hearing from you soon !

Paper flower decorations

Paper flower wrapped decorations

Here’s another really easy DIY solution table decorations that are also versatile and can be used as wedding favours too. Why not get the ladies of your family and friend group together for a bit of wedding bonding and paper flower production.

Thank you Martha Stewart our wedding fairy godmother.

Flower-Wrapped Favors How-To

  1. Fill a 3 5/8-inch-high acetate cylinder with candy.
  2. To make flower, cut a 9-by- 30-inch piece of tissue paper. Fold, accordion style, in 5-inch-wide layers. Cut petals in smaller end; unfold and lay on flat surface.
  3. Place cylinder on paper with bottom about 1 inch from uncut end, and roll; tape sides and bottom with double-sided tape. Tie ribbon above top of cylinder.
  4. Gently peel petals down to open flower. If you use a shorter cylinder, reduce height of paper; for a multicolored blossom, wrap a second layer of paper around cylinder after first is secure; secure with ribbon.

Link to full article click here – xsc=eml_crd_2012_03_01&om_rid=NskGTO&om_mid=_BPT3P$B8d7Qdpc

Perfect Peonies – place card holders

Perfect Peonies from Martha Stewart

This idea from Martha Stewart is simply perfection so simple but so effective for a spring/ summer wedding (other flowers can be submitted for winter/autumn weddings).

I know I spent so long looking for a means to cost effectively and elegantly display my name cards which can be difficult when you realise that the beautiful and unique idea you have will need to be replicated between 50-100 times, but this is just the ticket, so easy to do.

My top tip is check the wholesale price for buying a bulk load of the flowers as well as the price your florist gives you. For a task so simple you may be inclined to purchase the flowers yourself from one of the many on-line retailers and prep the flower place settings yourself.

I would recommend – they were reasonably priced and very helpful to deal with.

Click here for the how to make flower centre pieces and name holders  from Martha

Your Perfect Day Photography – A cut above the rest

Your Perfect Day Photography is the whole package when it comes to wedding day photography offering mind blowing pictures and customer service that is more like having a conversation with an old friend then a stuffy client meeting.

What you will get from Your Perfect Day is an energetic approach to your wedding day photography lead by the hugely talented Chris Denner, with a wealth of experience in the wedding photography industry Chris is able to offer useful advice on getting the best shots on the day and ways to inject eye catching creativity which will make your photos really pop.

Chris isn’t pushy and you feel that he is really listening to your ideas to build his own idea of how to capture your wedding photos in a way that is truly unique to you, he takes the time to get to know each couple and this it part of what makes Your Perfect day so successful with numerous recommendations to friends and family meaning that Chris often works with 2 or 3 couples in a family.


Chris’ talent goes further than beautifully shot eye catching images you’ll want to look at over and over again, he is a very likeable character blending easily into the wedding party to capture natural shots of all those little moments you will undoubtedly miss on the day. It’s not usual to turn around and find Chris laughing with a group of guests camera in hand only to quickly grab a snap of happy moment.


There are a lot of very talent photographs out there but what you get with Your Perfect Day is more than talent its a real connection, getting to know you, interacting with your family and providing the most glorious representation of your wedding day.


What’s more there’s no waiting around for months on end to see your wonderful photos Chris will get you a taster set of photos arriving in your mail box just days after the wedding, and you receive your complete set of wedding photos within a matter of weeks, then Chris is on hand to help you put together your personalised wedding album. You’ll find that the wedding photos captured from the day are pretty damn special already but on top of this Chris will add his artistic ability to really make some of the images pop with the offer of up to 50 images art worked (see below, as pretty as my friend is her eyes don’t actually match the blue of the flowers so identically!).

Jo - Horse Matt & Jo  - Pargoda Matt & Jo - Blue eyes Matt & Jo - Sunset

Am I bias? Well possibly my own wedding photos were everything I wanted, traditional format, simple and classic. But then I look at my friends wedding photos taken 2 weeks prior to my own wedding and her’s are dramatic, epic and totally escapism and exactly what she wanted and totally different to mine, like I say Chris tailors the brief to the couple he’s working with.


Your perfect day was the first wedding supplier I booked and so Chris was with us from start to finish, which I think it the perfect journey for us as he had plenty of time to get to know us and understand what our requirements were. As the wedding was getting closer we decided to invest in a pre-wedding photo shoot ( engagement shoot) having seen Chris do his thing at a few wedding I thought it might be worth experiencing the one on one photo shoot. It proved to be a valuable experience as we got to grips with the camera being focused on us and found a go to ‘smile’ to use. The photos captured were lovely and we used them as part of the decorations for our gift table.


In the 2 year lead up to our wedding Chris worked on 4 of our friends and family weddings which can only be further confirmation that is truly great at what he does, whenever someone tells me their getting married Your Perfect Day is first piece of advice, call Chris and get a provisional booking you wont regret it.

Obviously he’s on the people to know page so head there to send your enquiry off to Chris today! –

Thank you so much to the De Souza Trio

Thank you so much to the DeSouza Trio for yet another flawless performance, Maria, Romeo, Alistair, and DJ Steve are an absolute pleasure to work with and a massively talented family. I can not recommend them enough for weddings, parties, corporate events, charity events every time I work with these guys they deliver a platinum service. So check them out at or contact Maria for discounts and package offers!