Perfect Peonies – place card holders

Perfect Peonies from Martha Stewart

This idea from Martha Stewart is simply perfection so simple but so effective for a spring/ summer wedding (other flowers can be submitted for winter/autumn weddings).

I know I spent so long looking for a means to cost effectively and elegantly display my name cards which can be difficult when you realise that the beautiful and unique idea you have will need to be replicated between 50-100 times, but this is just the ticket, so easy to do.

My top tip is check the wholesale price for buying a bulk load of the flowers as well as the price your florist gives you. For a task so simple you may be inclined to purchase the flowers yourself from one of the many on-line retailers and prep the flower place settings yourself.

I would recommend – they were reasonably priced and very helpful to deal with.

Click here for the how to make flower centre pieces and name holders  from Martha