DIY Wedding Flowers from Triangle Nursery

As I have previously mentioned in some of my flower related blogs I found a great wholesale flower supplier through a fellow bride to be who go by the name of Triangle nursery. They have a great easy to use website and offer fantastic customer service with fast email responses for the bride who is trying to organise her event whilst juggling work life.

Mary of Triangle Nursery just sent me through this fabulous piece on how to go about organising DIY wedding flowers and trust she is the person in the know given the easy and transparent offering from Triangle Nursery.

Organising Your DIY Wedding Flowers With Triangle Nursery

Organising your DIY Wedding Flowers can be a daunting task! To start with, you probably haven’t dealt with a flower wholesaler before & the first thing to remember here is that because cut flowers and foliage are purchased at flower auctions, prices change on a daily basis due to supply & demand. Other factors effecting prices include seasonal availability and large floral occasions such as Valentines Day, Mothers Day (and European Mothers Days) Christmas Time, All Saints in Catholic countries and Ladys’ Day in Eastern Europe.

Other considerations include selecting the cut flower varieties, deciding on stem lengths and grades, the sizes of the flower heads required (especially when it comes to roses), colour-matching, the quantity of each variety needed and of course staying within your budget because the most probable reason you are choosing to create your own DIY wedding flowers is to save money – and the good news is that you will save money – lots of money!

On top of the above, thought has to be given as when to start speaking to the cut flower wholesaler, when to place your order, when to take delivery in good time so you can condition your wholesale flowers correctly and how long it may take for some flower varieties to open to their optimum (very important when it comes to wholesale flowers like lilies and freesia that can take up to a week to open nicely).

Sounds very complicated doesn’t it – but don’t worry because, amongst other things, Triangle Nursery are wholesale wedding flower specialists and will help you every step of the way – no matter how big or small your order is! We have generations of expertise in the wholesale flower trade and employ specialist DIY Wedding Flower advisors specifically for the job.

It doesn’t matter if you have no idea where to start – just pick up the phone and give our DIY Wedding Flower advisors a call to start the ball rolling. All advice is free of charge and a very big part of our service. Our advisors can help with all aspects of your bridal flower project from which flower varieties, colour matching, when to order, how many to order, how to condition your wholesale flowers upon delivery and even explain how to put them all together for a truely professional finish!

Our web site offers literally 1000s of cut flower and foliage varieties to choose from, all showing live wholesale prices – and the choice is growing by the day, so click here and take a look around!

We also stock a huge range of florists wedding accessories that can also be included with your wholesale wedding flower order – from luxurious organza and silk ribbons, glass vases, chapel candles, LED waxed candles, chair sashes, bouquet holders, candelabras, favour boxes, florists tools, to confetti – we stock everything needed for your DIY Wedding Flower project. Click here to see our florists accessories.

Placing your final DIY Wedding Flower order is probably the easiest part of all – by now you will know exactly what you need and when you need your wholesale wedding flowers delivered.

Once your wedding flower order has been placed, (we can do this for you if you prefer or you can place the order on-line using our web site), we will purchase the flowers specifically for you at Aalsmeer Flower Auction in Holland or directly with the growers – nothing is taken out of general stock ensuring that only the freshest blooms possible arrive for your wedding. Our quality control department will check every single stem before packing in special wholesale cut flower boxes and delivering directly to your door.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with all your DIY Wedding Flower & Bridal Flower requirements – we look forward to hearing from you soon !

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