About me

Hello world this is me with my wedding clip board an invaluable tool.

I’m a soon to be bride with event organiser background and I’m here blogging my way through my practical experience of coordinating and surviving a wedding be it your own or a special day your helping to organise.

As the name suggestions, I’ll be giving an honest account of of my experiences of wedding planning and coordinating the big day so things smoothly.

So far I’ve been organizing my own wedding for just under a year and I’ve picked up a load of great contacts both new and old contact who are really committed to helping me have a fabulous day.

I’ve always been a bit of a busy body, but officially I’ve been working on events from industry exhibitions, to weddings for around 8years so I had an idea of what to do its still been a been a big learning curve so please subscribe to the blog and or check back for helpful info and tips on how to create a stress free and fantastic wedding.

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