What’s the Blunt bride up to?

If your wondering why the lack of communication from the blunt bride lately, it’s because I’m super busy getting ready for my own wedding.

With 6 weeks to go now is the time to clarify what’s left to be done and plan a list of actions nice and early to prevent any last minute stress.

At the moment I’m embroiled in making my bridesmaids dresses ready for final fittings in the next few weeks (make your own dresses step by step blog to follow on completion).

I’ve been attending church services liaising with my parish church and the church I’ll be married in for the reading of the banns in order to obtain the vital marriage certificate, and confirmed wedding rehearsal dates with the vicar and wedding party members required.

I’ve had time to recover from my hen do in Ibiza and have enlisted my faithful bridesmaids to coordinate a meal with female family members from my and my h2b’s family so they are all comfortably acquainted before the big day.

The list of guests is pretty much finalised and I’ve used the great guest planner tool on wedding spot.co.uk to create a preliminary table plan. Though don’t be alerted I’m quite early with my table planning this is something you would usually tackle a few weeks to a month before the big event.

All my trials for make up and hair are booked in and I’m very excited to be pampered, I’ve been crafty and organised for the make up trial to be the same day as my ladies night meal so I get some mileage out of the glam.

The dress is bought and paid for, initial fitting is complete and final fitting due in a few weeks. I even have a evening dress which is less restrictive for my late night wedding disco once the band has finished.

Table numbers and menus are all ready to be printed and the order of service has gone to print after a careful check over from the vicar.

So I am pretty much organised, my objective is to get as much done in advance on the final month as possible which fingers crossed I’m track for.

Stay tuned for a bulk load of blogs over the final few weeks when wedmin goes into over drive.


Table Planner Tool

Looking for a quick and easy way to end the table plan headache…Well I can strongly recommend the table planner software on www.weddingspot.co.uk

Just log on to the Wedding Spot and register for free as a bride to be then head to the ‘My Weddings’ tab. You’ll need to add your guests, which is a good exercise as you can allocated a menu type e.g. vegetarian, adult, child, nut allergy etc and also associate a guest if your dealing with couples or children.

Wedding Spot

Once all your guests are uploaded you can quickly select table shape be it round rectangle and seats per table 6,8,10,12 to create your table layout in room then just drag and drop your guests from the side tab on the tables.

Table plan_wedding spot

I can’t recommend this enough for brides to be, I’ve been mulling over how bad putting it will be putting together the seating plan for ages and I actually managed to complete my seating plan in 30mins using this bit of kit.

A little wedding dress inspiration from the movies!

Check out the rather spectacular creation from Indonesian designer Tex Saverio for the Hunger Games Katniss Everdeen, developed from his 2010 ruffled skirt and organza corset under metal cage bridal showcase creation for Jakarta Fashion week.

It’s truly luxurious, futuristic yet I think wearable, but that might just be the lovely Jennifer Lawerance modelling! Tex-Saverio-Hunger-Games-Katniss-dress


Kitty & Dulcie – they do vintage very well!

Sibling team Kitty and Dulcie hit the vintage bridal scene 18months ago with their extremely reasonably priced dresses all retailing at under £400.

Now they bring us an accessory collection named Flo & Percy, sure to be as on the mark at their bridal dresses in conveying truly chic vintage style.

The Rochelle

The Flo & Percy range features 5 collections of vintage inspired loveliness including a very on trend ‘Great Gatsby Collection‘. I’m particularly taken by the Moulin Rouge peacock hair comb
Moulin Rouge hair comb

You need to stop by the website for a glimpse:
Flo & Percy website

If your fan you’ll also want to see the latest bridal collection The Country Set online.Check out their brand new collection of 7 bridal gowns: http://www.kittyanddulcie.com/cheap-wedding-dresses.html

The Blunt Brides New’s Resolution

With a new year comes a lot of decisions to be made especially with only 8months till my wedding.

One thing I’m planning to do is review all my suppliers are these people really the ones to help ease my stress and deliver a great day?

Never be afraid the make changes as long as its well calculated and you have an alternative, I always get 3 quotes from different suppliers for that reason.

It’s a tough decision but I’ll be saying bye bye to some suppliers very soon. As the customer you should always feel like your getting the best for your money and peace of mind. It’s especially hard to make the change for me as I’m one of those people who hates having to re-do something I like to tick the job off the list and be done with it. But in this case I’m taking my own advice and making the changes in good time.

My top tip is start your planning by getting a couple of quotes from different suppliers locally and further a field, compare the quotes on cost and service then make your decision in your own time. Its always easier to make decisions once you have all the information. Just because you request a quote or the sales staff seem nice doesn’t mean you have to got with them. Starting early means you can take your time to think it over and pick the best fit for you.

Check out my people to know section if your stuck for a supplier.